Wednesday, June 18, 2008

so much to do, so little time!

Wow, talk about way too many things going on for me right now.  We're having carpet installed in our basement tomorrow so I've been frantically trying to paint.  Just to add more chaos to the equation I'm trying to get in all our doctor appointments by the end of the month (our deductible goes back to 0 in July).  Sydney turned 6 months so she has her 6 mo. well check today (poor girl will get shots) and of course I need to get her 6 month pictures done too.  Oh, and did I mention that Sydney's baptism (and party) is in a week and a half and between now and then my brother will be in the area so I may be taking a 4 hour trek up north with the kids to hang out with him and his family.  Somewhere in the midst of all this chaos I need to care for and entertain our 2 kids.  So all of that is plenty to keep anyone busy, right?  Well, apparently I like to make my life difficult and add more projects to the list.  

I have great memories as a kid going to Olan Mills every couple years for a family photo.  So I always make a big deal out of pictures for my kids.  And as usual, I can't just pick an outfit we already own and go with it.  It's not that I need the outfit to be new.  I just usually have a certain look in mind and normally that look does not yet exist in the kid's wardrobe. ;)  So, last night, at 12:30 am, after painting the basement, I decided to make Sydney a couple of hair-accessories for her pictures.  (By the way, she really doesn't have much hair to speak of so that in itself makes me crazy.)  Anyway, you probably think I've done this before, right?  Well, I haven't.  This is SO par for the course for me.  I always seem to try new things just before a big event.  While I like the fact that I'm willing to try new things, why is my timing so terrible?  You'd think I'd learn and do a little practicing first!  But who has time to practice?

And of course I can't make the baptism easy for me either.  So I hope to make her a bracelet and I decided to add a little pearl beading to her baptism gown (which was actually my gown).  I thought that would be a nice way to use my gown while making it her own too.  Now, have I beaded a dress before?  Absolutely not.  This project, thankfully, is turning out to be pretty easy though.  I'm not that lucky with many projects I try at the last minute.  Case in point:  Sam's first birthday cake.  I had never decorated a cake before (aside from opening a jar of frosting) but I decided to attempt a Bavarian cream-filled layered cake cut up and decorated like baby blocks.  What was I thinking?  While it tasted wonderful, each block looked more like the leaning tower of Pisa.  But you know what?  I always feel good about things if I at least tried.  And tried I did, so to me it was a success.  Here is the result.
Wish me luck as I tackle all my current projects.  I'll be sure to post the results!

Make it a great day!  Tricia


Shannon said...

OMG - yes, a lot on your plate there girl! LOL at the poor blocks, they are so cute - and if they tasted good that is ALL that matters! Good luck with finishing the other little jobs - I bet her dress looks sweet with your beading added!

Phyllis said...

I tend to add too much to my plate too! So glad to see I've got good company in that matter.

Those birthday cake blocks are *so* adorable -- I just might have to use that idea for Baby's first bday!!

Rebecca a.k.a. Mum said...

Gl with your many tasks are just a multi talking mumma!!

I love the birthday block cakes, not only did I bet they tasted scrum, but they look fabulous!! :)