Tuesday, June 10, 2008

another mommy-must-have for baby!

Tonight I met with my local Mom's group for dinner (which was a lot of fun - thanks guys!).  I brought Sydney and knew I'd have to nurse her, something I use to completely fear doing in public.  I used to feel like such a clod and in my mind surely the entire world had seen much more than they bargained for.  To make matters worse, as Sam got older he started pulling the blanket that was covering us down, making it nearly impossible for me to remain discreet.  I'm sure it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought but in my mind I envisioned a crying baby, a sweaty mommy, and... well... sorry for the scary visual but I felt like boobs were flying everywhere.

Maybe they were, maybe they weren't, but at the time I felt like the people around me would probably prefer a quiet baby than a screaming one so I nursed in public when I had to despite my fears.  

This time around I'm smarter (well really I just have a smart friend named Julie!) and I've found a fantastic nursing cover by Bebe au Lait.  I just love it and I was able to nurse in public tonight with complete confidence!  It hangs around my neck so Sydney can NOT pull it off and is made of enough material to ensure discreet nursing.  The material is thin (in fun designs!) and neither Sydney nor I get hot.  And the best part - a firm edge that allows the cover to stick outward a bit making it easy for me to look down and see Sydney while also retaining complete coverage.  The corner of the cover even has part of a burp cloth attached, which definitely comes in handy.
This, is absolutely in my top 10 must haves!

By the way, some time ago I said I planned to blog about my top 10 must-haves for baby (in my opinion of course).  Rather than put that in one post I've decided to post separately about each one since I'm too darn chatty for 10 gadgets in a post.

2 down, 8 to go.


Shannon said...

I love it!!! I hadn't seen one before, I sure could have used it tonight at our preschool picnic and pizza party - I had to nurse Leah squatting on the grass in front of zillions of people. Oh well, no one seemed to care :-)

Anonymous said...

My EC board was just chatting about this. I need to get you the link but there is another brand that some lady makes for like 19 bucks. I swear by my 'Hooter Hider' so I don't know if I'd go with a different brand! Proud to make it 'by name' into your blog! J

Tricia said...

J - it appears from the bebe au lait website that "hooter hiders" and "bebe au lait" are the same nursing cover. I have no clue why they advertise under both names - I suppose to appeal to both the funny moms & classy moms. LOL.