Friday, June 13, 2008

friday the 13th came a day early for me

Have you ever had one of those days where every little thing just annoyed the crap out of you?  Yesterday was one of those days for me.  My primary enemy today:  The pacifier.  Poor Sydney is teething like crazy and could not keep that pacifier in her mouth.   I swear she has a way of spitting that thing out of her mouth at mach speed with some serious projectile action only to become pissed off wondering where her pacifier went.  And the kicker, I often can not find the pacifier because I'm searching in the local vicinity (while she's crying in my ear) when really I should be looking half way across the room with that projection ability of hers.

My favorite clip is from Hanna Andersson (Oh how I love that store!  If I were a rich woman I'd be a regular here!) because it's cute, wooden, doubles as a toy to investigate, and has a safety feature where the chain breaks in 2 if pressure is applied.  At $12, it's more expensive than the little plastic clips you can buy at Target but I've found it worth the price.  Unfortunately, I can not find Sam's Hanna clip that he used.  I kept hoping I'd find it but I was so annoyed by today's battle that I just can't wait any longer!  And wouldn't you know it, there must be an epidemic of pacifier spitters out there because this clip is back ordered until July 12!
While this problem really is quite trivial, I'm embarrassed to admit the level of aggravation it caused me today.  So, if a simple gadget can help me win my pacifier war, and focus on real issues, I'm sold.  And while I think the Hanna clip is worth the price, it's not worth the back order wait for me so I'm going to try one by another brand, Selecta.  It's very similar to the Hanna one, though I don't know if it has the same great safety feature.  It's more expensive than the Hanna one *gulp* (thankfully shipping is only ten cents at Amazon) but I'm justifying the cost by the fact that I shouldn't lose any more pacifiers.

I also noticed Amazon had some clips by another great brand, HABA Toys, like this one: Teddy Pacifier Chain.  Both brands, by the way, are made in Germany.  

I sure hope this ships fast for both Sydney's sake and mine!  This product wasn't on my top ten list of baby-must-haves but after today it just might be!

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Baby Bear Creations said...

Sorry you had such a sucky day yesterday Tricia, I hate days like that. :|

I hope your paci clips come fast...none of my kids ever like the paci, 2 were (still are) thumb suckers and the other 2 had nothing.

Cute clips! :)