Tuesday, December 16, 2008

random stuff overheard at our house

Mommy:  "What does a duck say, Sydney?"
Sydney:  "qak, qak"

Mommy:  "Good clapping, Sydney!"
Sydney:  "qak, qak" (as her hands clap as quick as she can)

Yes, Sydney's first words are quack and clap, both of which sound exactly like the other.  But Mommy knows exactly what she means!

You know what we are hearing in the middle of the night from baby girl?  SILENCE.  Life is good!

Mommy:  "Samuel, what was the best part of your day today?"
Samuel:  "YOU!"

Mommy:  "Samuel, what was the worst part of your day today?"
Samuel:  "Sydney didn't make me very happy last day" (past tense is almost always "last day" to Sam).  This little guy is having a hard time letting Syd play with toys.  Any toy she has he suddenly wants.

Samuel:  "Mommy, I'm a farmer, and I ride machines, and I plow the fields and put the animals in the barn.  And that's the story of my life."

Mommy (as I'm putting on make-up):  "What are you going to ask Santa for for Christmas?"
Samuel:  "a machine, or make-up!" (hmmm... maybe we won't tell Dad that one).

Samuel (as he pretended to bite me):  "Mommy, I'm a dinosaur and I just bit your bum, and you can no longer go poopy!"

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

1st and 3rd year stats

Just a quick post to document the kids "stats" from their annual Dr. appointments.  Tad came with me to the Dr. and I was SO GRATEFUL.  Normally I go solo to Dr. appointments but since we were taking them both in at once it was a huge help to have 2 parents there.  The 2 kids would not have done well being there from 9 am to 11 am with just me, a small office, and a nurse with a needle.  We all even got our flu shots.  The kids and I got the thimerosal-free one.

Sydney, 1 year
Weight:  18 lbs, 10 oz (7th percentile, but 0% in relation to her height)
Height:  29.75" (75th percentile)
Samuel was the same height at 1 year but weighed 5 lbs more, hard to believe!

No other shots but a flu shot today, which Sydney handled like a champ.  I opt to do the MMR, Chicken Pox, and Hep A when the kids are older due to my own personal beliefs.  Other than that she's up to date on all shots.  

Samuel, 3 years
Weight:  33 lbs, 8 oz (70th percentile, but 85th percentile in relation to his height)
Height:  36.75" (25th percentile)

Samuel did great with the hearing and vision tests.  He could see better than Daddy, even with Dad's glasses on!  No other shots for Samuel besides the flu shot either.  He was all excited to get it.  Ignorance is bliss because afterwards he said, "I didn't like that flu shot Mom!"

Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy First Birthday Sydney!

Well, if you know me on facebook or my parenting message board, you may have already seen this.  But if not, here is a video of pictures to celebrate Sydney's 1st year.  She turned 1 yesterday (12/7).  A letter for her is in the works too!

And here are some birthday pictures.

Opening her present from Mom, Dad and Samuel that morning:
Enjoying her new playhouse!
Chillin' in her party outfit before guests arrived.  
She LOVES this tutu get-up and has been eyeing it for weeks in the closet. 

Picture with the cousins.

Loving her new stroller!

She's a little protective of her new doll and will fight people for it.  LOL!

It's safe to say she enjoyed the party!

Her birthday cupcakes.  Her cupcake is the duck one because she likes ducks.  
Her first word was "quack".  She did not enjoy the cupcake though.  
She put it in her mouth and then started to cry.  I'm not sure she's my daughter.