Sunday, June 8, 2008

favorite pics of the week

Time again for favorite pics of the week!  Sorry to any readers that got my email of Sydney's pictures at 6 months as a couple of these are duplicates from that.  This week I've even included a video of Sam fishing. He's got quite the cast!

Samuel & our sweet Jenny dog:

Our little hippie chick:
More fishing:
Time with Daddy:
Time with Mommy:

Check out Jenny!  She fell asleep with the ball in her mouth.

Gone fishin'!  
By the way, normally we do enforce the "must have life jacket on when on the dock" policy.  Not sure why we were such slackers yesterday.  Though he is standing over only a foot of water & we were there of course.


Amanda said...

Hey Tricia! So glad you found my blog and now I have yours! Beautiful pics of the kiddos. Of course *I* love the over the top flower on Sydney's head!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the bohemian baby shirt on Syd! I got my FAVORITE picture of Maggie at like 6 months in that shirt!! CUTE

Shannon said...

Those pics are amazing Tricia - I meant to post this a couple days ago but I think I was NAK or something . . . Syd is so gorgeous in her hippie look :-) I love it!