Friday, June 6, 2008

the art of manipulation...

...apparently is perfected at a very young age.

Sam was an early talker and verbal skills continue to be a strength of his.  Where he gets this I have no idea because, as likely obvious from my blog, my vocabulary has never, ever, been a strength of mine and the same can be said for my husband.  We're already arguing over who gets to help with the math homework and who is left to help with English.  Hopefully, he won't need our help because if he does he's screwed.

One thing Samuel has never been big on saying, however, is those 3 little words:  "I love you."  Maybe it's our fault; although we have said it often to him, we never asked or encouraged him to say it back.  I knew it would come in his own time and it didn't feel right to ask him to do it.  Well, I was right - it came at his own time and he's handing it out left and right lately... it's very sweet.  But clearly he has quickly learned how much this means to me because now during time-out, instead of crying, he looks over at me with his big blue eyes and says, very sweetly, "Mommy?"

"Sam, we'll talk when your time out is over."

"I love you."

"Thank you Sam, I love you too, but let's talk in a couple minutes."

"Mommy?  I like you too."

I'm  happy to report I've stood my ground & he stays in time-out during this whole charade.  But I can't help but feel that he's getting nothing out of being there.  Somehow I feel like I'm being "reverse-psychologied" out of time-outs by my 2 year old.  (And yes, my English may suck but I know that's a made up word.)  I mean, how much is a kid getting out of time out if he sits there and yells "I LOVE YOU MOMMY!" the whole 2 minutes?  Isn't he supposed to feel sad he's there?  Isn't he supposed to think about his actions and eagerly await time out to be over so that we can reconcile & hug?  

We are so in trouble.


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dougnlarry said...

Wow. He is already trying to manipulate you. Boy are you in for it later. :)