Monday, June 9, 2008

darn those gas prices!

Well, we all know how ridiculously high the cost of gas is right now.  I think twice before I even make a run to Target these days.  To think I once wouldn't bat an eye at driving 80 miles a day when I commuted for work to the cities.  Thank goodness my new job (which hasn't exactly started yet by the way) is from home.

Given the current average American gasoline price of $4.04/gal I thought it was worth mentioning as a great resource to shop around for the cheapest gas.  Enter your zip to find local gas stations and their prices (btw there are resources on this site for Canada too).  This isn't a new site so apologies if this is "old news" to you, but I felt it was worth mentioning.  Thanks Mom for passing along the link; leave it to you to know how to bargain shop gas!

We are contemplating a couple summer road trips but if these gas prices get much higher we may reconsider.  I had also hoped to fly out to see my brother this fall but I suppose airfare must be ridiculous as well.  I'm not ruling any of our plans out at this point but I'm a little bummed that here I am with more time on my hands than normal (since I am not working) and yet less money to spend that time traveling (since I'm not working - lol).  Isn't that always the way it goes?

Until next time, Tricia


Shannon said...

uggh, I know, the gas prices are painful. The only good thing is people are driving less, which is better for the environment ;-) I've seen that site before, it's great. I really think about driving lately too. I seriously don't go anywhere that's not necessary. I would bike more if I didn't have three little things to haul around with me :-) Not even my chariot can carry three!

SBVOR said...

If you care to, click the link and spread the word.