Sunday, June 15, 2008

favorite pics of the week

Well, with it being Father's Day & all, this week's pic must include Tad!  I love the picture below because it shows how sweet Tad is with the kids (I honestly couldn't have picked a better Dad for my kids!).  But also, this documents Samuel & Sydney's first fight over toys.  They both wanted that blue elephant so bad and good for Sydney she was standing up to her big bro & trying to fight for it with all her might!

Samuel pretending he's a truck with a truck wheel on his head.  Sometimes he makes us all put one on our head (Sydney included) and we are a truck family for the night.

My friend H & her daughter A came over this weekend to play!  I had a great time.  Samuel gave me a run for my money but what can you do.

Sydney loving her swing.

Just a goofy picture of Sydney.

Sam's new shirt from Grandma Sue.  It says, "This is my summer job."  Aint that the truth!


Shannon said...

Great pictures!!!! Leah totally does that stretch out long thing that Syd is doing in her pic, lol!!! It's so funny!. You girls look great in that photo - you're so lucky to live so close to each other. I'm glad dad had a nice Father's Day :-)

Rebecca a.k.a. Mum said...

Wonderful pics Tricia, I love the first (mini) sibling fight over the elephant!! :)