Thursday, June 19, 2008

leavin' me hangin!

Sam has been such a riot lately (well, and a handful!) that I just have to write down some of these funny things he's been saying - so in the blog they go.  Today I said, "give me five!", as I put my hand out.  Sam's response: "No, I'm gonna leave you hangin' ".  WHAT?  Leave me hangin'?  Whateva kid!  I only carried you for 9 months in my belly! (Every Mom has a right to play that card, right?)

Sydney has been busy talkin' up a storm.  So again I asked Sam what she was saying and he said, "She's not saying I like cars.  She's saying I love you."  Well, I'll take that!  (You may recall from a previous post that Sam interprets Sydney's motor noises as meaning "I like cars.")

Speaking of Sydney, she had her 6 month shots today and handled them like a champ.  OK, that's a lie.  She screamed bloody murder at the mere touch of the stethoscope.  But doesn't it seem like all parents say little Johnny was "a champ" or little Jane was "a real trooper"?  It's like when people ask you, "Is she a good baby?"  What the hell kind of question is that anyway?  I mean, if she were fussy (which frankly she is sometimes - though luckily she's outgrowing that nasty reflux) am I supposed to say, "Nope, she's a bad baby"?  So, to you readers out there (hello?????), I'd like you to know that my dear Sydney is a good baby and handles shots like a champ.  *wink*wink*  At any rate, to us, she's perfect.

I wanted you to also know that I already received the paci clip that I mentioned in last Friday's post.  That sure didn't take long!  Only 3 days - and over a weekend!  Anyway, it's quite cute!!  It is smaller than I thought it would be, but I suppose the smaller chain explains why it doesn't have the "snap in half" safety feature that the longer Hanna Andersson paci clip has.  It takes more time than it should to attach the paci to it since that doll gets in the way, but luckily I shouldn't have to attach a paci to it more than once a day.

Sydney is entranced by the cute beads and it does it's job of keeping the paci off the ground - so it's a hit.  Parts of the doll are not on the paci chain itself so I worried that those beads might be at risk for falling off and become a choking hazard but they seem very secure and the company I bought them from (well, the company that Amazon routed me to) assured me that they are secure and to toss at any sign of defect.

Until next time,



Rebecca a.k.a. Mum said...

"I love you" is definitely better than "I like cars", so it looks like you are moving up in the world with Ms Sydney mumma.

Now as for your little're just not cool enough I guess mum. hehe ::wink::

Shannon said...

I hate the "is she a good baby" question too - what's up with that? I always say "yes, isn't have a baby GOOD?" Thanks for the comment yesterday, lol, yes look at me now I'm a real comment whore ;-) Slowly but surely I'm getting more traffic, which was my goal in the beginning anyway. Keep on bloggin' buddy!