Sunday, July 27, 2008

update on my baby bears

This blog has evolved a bit for me.  It started as a place for me to save all my favorite resources.  But I've quickly realized it also serves as an easy place to document history for our photo albums.  I figure bragging about the kids falls under the category of "all things mom" so why not.

Last night Sam turned to me and said, "We a great family."  Awwwwwwe!

Lately whenever you ask Sam a question he says, "uhhhhhhh
hhhhhh" while he thinks before he answers.  He must have picked that up from me since I'm always forgetting words when I talk!

He is also putting "so" in front of sentences, as in, "So where we goin' Mommy?"

The other day he put a ball under his shirt and said, "Be
 careful Mommy, there is a baby in my belly.  Remember when Sydney was in my belly?"  Funny, that's not how I remember those 9 months at all.

And whenever anyone is hurt, sad, etc. he comes to the rescue, as in:  "Don't worry Mommy, I will always take care of Sydney."  Or, "I will help you feel better, Mom.  Here's my blanky and pillow.  Now you feel better."

He likes to pretend he's a fireman lately.  He puts his hat on backward so it looks more like a fireman's hat and then he puts on his rain-boots:  Voila, a fireman, all his own idea.  Even if it's 90+ degrees outside, he insists on wearing his fireman boots.
I'm so proud of Sam, he was so fearless at the waterpark we went to last week.  He was swimming like a fish, head getting wet and everything.  At 2 1/2 he even went on very big slides all by himself (this is him below coming down the green slide, which started toward the top of the indoor park's high ceiling and wound it's way to the bottom where Tad was waiting for him).

In Sydney news... she's not a big fan of food.  Is she really my child?  She'll take a few bites and then she's bored with it.  I'm slightly concerned actually but I know that nutritionally she's getting everything she needs via breast-milk and her daily vitamin.

Sydney is also "crawling".  It's her own version though.  She uses her back 2 legs and her head to scoot forward.  I imagine she'll be doing traditional crawling very shortly.  My little girl is growing up so quickly!
Sydney is such a happy girl, she truly brightens our day and adds so much to our family.  And she remains this happy even on low sleep.  She gets less sleep than Sam!  Until 2 months ago she consistently slept through the night.  For whatever reason, those days are over.  I've recently learned that her Great-grandfather, also named Sydney, slept very little.  So maybe we should have went with a different name.  She's "talking" up a storm too.  Lots of "da da da da" and cute little breaths along with it so of course Tad thinks her first word is Dad.  It was for Sam too, though I'm not convinced Syd yet knows what "da da" means. ;)


dougnlarry said...

I'm very impressed that Sam went down all by himself. Wow!

Sydney is really looking like her big brother these days. :)

Amanda said...

Wow - Sydney is so beautiful! I love her version of crawling, too! So funny.

I'm really impressed, too, at how well Sam does in the water. Bethany refuses to put her head under!

Oh, and I was cracking up at the baby in the belly story!!!