Tuesday, July 1, 2008

oh Canada!

A shout out to my Canadian friends!  HAPPY CANADA DAY!  

And in breaking news... I found my LilyPadz!  WOO HOO!  Though I still better get another pair soon to avoid future embarrassment!

I just got back from a very nice service for my friend's mother.  What a beautiful job they did honoring a wonderful woman.

And for a random tidbit of the day... yesterday I got Sydney's eyes checked free of charge as part of the InfantSee program.  Click here to find an ophthalmologist participating in the program.  By the way, both kid's eyes checked out good.  Sam is seeing at approximately 20/30, totally normal for his age.  I was also concerned he might be color blind as we've made absolutely no progress in teaching him colors even though he's done well at learning other areas.  We won't know for sure for a few years, but it's looking like he can differentiate between colors.  So that's great news!  And it turns out color-blindness is passed down via the Mother's side, which is a relief since Tad's Grandfather was colorblind.  Though there are a host of other vision problems that may be passed on from my end.  LOL.  As for Sydney, she passed her exam too.  And her occasional cross-eyed look is also normal and she should outgrow it.

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