Saturday, July 12, 2008

kids say the darndest things...

Sam:  "Are you old mommy?"
Me:  "I don't know; do you think I'm old Sam?"
Sam:  "Yes.  Let me get my doctor kit.  I'll help you."

Sam:  Picks up a stick and says, "This is my sword!  I'm protectin' you!"
Me:  As I'm trying to discourage sword-playing (though I think it's inevitable anyway), I say, "That's not a sword Sam".
Sam:  "You right.  It's an ice-cream thrower.  POW!  (as he waves it violently) You have ice cream on you!"
Me:  "Mmmm.  That tastes good."
Sam:  "It's not on your mouth, Mommy!!!!  It's on your clothes."

Sam:  "You a good Mom, Mommy.  But just knock it off and settle down!"
Me: ....... knowing exactly where he's heard that one from .......


Shannon said...

"knock it off and settle down"

OMG, I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for the morning smile :-) I spit my coffee out with that one!

Anonymous said...


Samuel is such a hoot and he is so creative in his thinking. Can hardly wait to see how Sydney will act.

Your Target experience reminds me so much of the three of you kids. I remember Scott used to be so embarrassed with you & Sean when we would be in a store - running around and not minding me. Especially when you and Sean would run through the hanging clothes! I think kids tend to use their "selective" hearing, especially when in a store. Samuel is just in the practice stage for later. Husbands tend to have that mastered.


Hawkfeather said...

aww that is the cutest.. so was your target shopping experience..heh
as long as you keep a sense of humor about mommyhood- it is really SO much more fun hey?

Amanda said...

That's hilarious! I love it when they use our exact words right back at us!!!