Thursday, July 10, 2008

a great family activity

This past weekend we took some time away from potty training for some fun!  We made stepping stones to replace some of the lime-stones we have leading from our front door to the deck entry off the side of our house. 

Tad simply dug a hole and filled it with concrete. We let it set a bit and then dipped our hands/feet and decorated with beads. I bought Sam turtle beads and brightly colored beads.  For Sydney: pastel and flower beads.  On the stone I share with my husband, he refused to have any beads around his half - men! - so I only decorated my half. *sigh*  Sam had a lot of fun with this activity and Sydney did great with it too!  Here is the result of our home-made handy-work:

The finished product below (more landscape work is needed but you get the idea).  We thought we might do this again in 5 years or so and replace more of the lime-stones and see how much the kids have grown.  We need one for the dog too of course. ;)

Samuel, helping as usual:

Sydney, sitting pretty:

If you don't have concrete lying around and you are looking for a mold and instructions ready for you, check this out:


expatswede said...

Those hand and foot prints are adorable!
And the kids are super cute! Look how big miss Sydney is now!

Heidi said...

Those are great, Tricia - what a cool idea!

dougnlarry said...

Those are great! What a fun keepsake.