Friday, July 11, 2008

adding it all up

1 put-together (for once) mom with baby in baby bjorn, walking hand-in-hand into target with her sweet toe-head toddler
1 sticker from a target greeter given to said toddler for promising to mind his mother and to "stay in the cart"
1 escape-artist toddler, yelling in target 5 isles away from his mother only minutes after promising to behave
1 toddler under lock-down who lost all walking privileges and was told any future escapes would result in an immediate departure without our end-of-trip "target lunch" (hot dog)
1 happy mom that she didn't have to follow through on that threat
1 toy to distract toddler in cart
1 bruised hand from said toy thrown at mother
1 less toy
1 stranger giving praise for disciplining toddler in target
27 reminders to stay in the cart and then we would get to eat lunch at target (no I'm not above bribery)
5 announcements to strangers that he's 2 years old and has to go potty
1 sprinting mom and cart to the bathroom on the other end of the store
1 pair of wet underwear (his, not mine) because the toilet is too tall
1 10% off everything at target coupon
lunch at target
1 mommy who realizes on the way home that she forgot to buy bread
1 crying baby
1 boy who said, "I love you Mommy" on the ride home
a successful target shopping trip 
(you should see our bad days)


Phyllis said...

I'd DEFINITELY consider that an absolute success!!! Kudos to you, Momma!

Shannon said...

Totally sounds good to me, I agree, the bad trips are much worse!!

I hate when the underwear gets wet! I have been known to bring our potty seat (it's the small white plastic one, cheap) with me in my funky bag lady bag so I have it at stores and stuff. I often bring our actual potty in the van, esp. if we're out for a number of hours. David is just not good at standing to pee yet (Pete is thankfully) so it's still better for him to sit.

I have not forgot your e-mail, that e-mail account has been wonky but Paul is going to fix it for me and I'll respond today :-)

Sharon said...

The "good boy" stickers at Target must be a new thing. Kyle got one too for "sitting in the cart like a good boy". He was sitting in the basket...a no-no. And DH and I walked away laughing because the Target associate literally caught him in the 2 seconds he was actually SITTING. Prior to and after that he was standing in the cart or running like a madman through the store. LOL