Wednesday, May 21, 2008

time for a pat on the back

Breaking news: some people are reading my blog.  It turns out all whopping 41 hits on my counter are not just from my parents.  Word is out that I actually helped someone with my review on baby wearing.  My friend Shannon (who has a really great blog filled with wonderful tidbits of Mom info as well as fun updates on her family) recommended my blog and one of her readers bought a Moby Wrap thanks to my review.  And guess what?  It is working out great for her!  I'm so happy!  That makes consolidating my research into this blog totally worth it for me.

In other big news:  Your American Idol is David Cook!  GO DC!  Turns out my 3 votes mattered.  Yes, I voted 3 times (lowering my head in shame).

And finally I'll end this post with something I was very surprised to learn today from Parents Magazine.  Did you know you can hire your own "Super Nanny"?  Apparently there are certified Parent Coaches available to assist with child-behavior problems.  I had no idea such certifications existed.  Professions such as this really are a testament to today's parenting trends.  It seems so many parents are totally overwhelmed, not just by today's busy schedules, but also by the perceived cultural expectation to parent perfectly.  With so much information at our fingertips, a lot of research goes into parenting today.  I'm not convinced there is a "right" way to parent as I'm a firm believer that every kid is different, requiring a specific approach.  But, as obvious from this blog, I do want to do what I can to find the perfect solution for us.  Oh how I hope I will never need to consult a professional like this to find the solutions we need, but it's nice to know it's an option.

The service is pricey at approximately $60-$100 for a 45 minute phone conversation. 
Need to find your own parent coach?  Here are some links that Parents Magazine provided:

Or, I'll throw in a cheaper option - ask Grandma & Grandpa what they did when you bit your friends.  Or join a playgroup and talk amongst other Moms (and Dads).  I've been active on an online playgroup with other Mothers that have children Sam's age.  That has been invaluable for me to get parenting advice from other people going through similar things.

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