Tuesday, May 13, 2008

my recent addiction: etsy.com

Have you heard of etsy.com? Why it's the place to buy and sell all things home-made! It's where to shop for the person that has everything! I could get sucked into this site for hours browsing all the cool things out there. Luckily they have search tools to help you find gifts for babies, weddings, Father's Day, etc.

Check out my new diaper bag I found on etsy!! I had this custom made from The Funky Bag Lady.

I still love my Lands' End back-pack for all-day trips with the kids (though the back pack appears to be no longer available for sale???!).  Anyway, I get tired of carrying around such a big bag and I wanted something that I could just throw some diapers in and a spare change of clothes for Sydney.  The bag from The Funky Bag Lady seems perfect!  It's a good size, has several pockets, and is darn cute!  Once again etsy.com comes through for me!

Here are some other favorite things I've browsed recently:

Don't say I didn't warn you!  It's addictive!  Have fun!  Tricia

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Shannon said...

I adore etsy too - it's just amazing. That bag is sooooo cute - and easy to stick things in and out of - I use my Lands End one and it's too big sometimes to just run out and do an errand. This is cute b/c you can use it after baby as a regular bag . . . hmmmmm, I'm tempted now :-)