Monday, May 5, 2008

The working Mom v. the Stay at Home Mom

I was listening to a local afternoon talk show the other day. The hosts asked that working mothers and stay at home mothers call in with any opinions on the working v. staying home debate. This upset me because it seems Moms are hard on each other enough as it is. Everyone has an opinion on raising another person's child yet every child and every family is so different. I wish us Moms could be more supportive of one another and respect another Mom's decision even if it's different than her own in the working v. staying at home debate. At any rate, I was pleasantly surprised that the calls into the show were pretty tame so maybe there are a lot more women out there who feel like me than I had thought.

Speaking of working, after a 5 mo (so far) maternity leave with my 2nd child I've been contemplating entering the workforce again part time. I was approached about a job opportunity that seemed almost too good to be true (close to home, great schedule, good pay, perfect nanny to watch the kids, etc.). Apparently it was too good to be true because it sadly never transpired. Although I've LOVED staying home with my 2 kids, I have to admit the thought of returning to work energized me. But I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason so perhaps staying home is the best decision for us right now or perhaps an even better job is on the horizon. 

My new goal is to find ways to feel energized that help me both do better at my job (being a Mom) and feel better about myself, which is why I'm hoping to get more serious about this blog. I spend so much time researching kid-related stuff I might as well document along the way. It will keep the OCD side of me happy anyway. I've also decided to get back into my hand-made and digital projects (making invitations, announcements, etc.). Maybe I can even earn a touch of spending money while I wait for that perfect job and meanwhile I'll work to enjoy every minute I have with my kids as I know I'm fortunate.

I feel like I'm making good steps toward my new goal. Case in point this post and I made myself a new digital signature as well (see below).



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Shannon said...

Tricia - I know exactly what you mean!! I recently became a member of the Canadian Toy Testing Council to "re-energize" myself. We get toys for the kids to play with and test out, and I get to write a report and have it sent back to the manufacturer. I'm so excited about it, and it gives my brain a good work out too :-)