Wednesday, May 28, 2008

gettin' old

We went to a H.S. graduation party on Sunday.  But get this:  for the 3 year old boy I used to nanny for.  Where did time go?  Why is he taller than me?  A LOT taller than me.  I have this problem where I think anyone younger than me should be shorter than me.  This really is a strange way for me to think given the fact that I'm only 5'3" (DH insists I'm actually 5'2") and really just about everyone over the age of 12 is taller than me.  *sigh*

I was a nanny for his 2 older sisters too - one now on her way to med school and the other with a budding career in the music biz.  She released her first album last year and is on her way to creating a second.  She's really good - great voice, meaningful lyrics, soulful - the perfect combination.  Check Alison Scott out at

Here's Alison at I believe her CD Release Party:

Hey!  The pictures feature is now working for me.  Which means no more excuses to get you the start of my digital scrapping posts.  I have a ton of what I think are great resources to share with you so it will be a short series of posts.  But, for now, time for this old lady to get to bed.

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