Tuesday, May 20, 2008

i heart david cook

I did say that this blog would contain not just the latest research I've done on mommyhood but also my interests that help define me as a mom, right?  Well, I admit it, I like American Idol.  And I heart David Cook.  I'm not totally blown away by his performance tonight, and I must admit David Archuleta won a few points from me for his performance, but David Cook is still my overall fav.  And I will be voting.  I've never voted before.  Ever.  So that shows you how much I want David Cook to win.

I promise I've got some posts cooking that will have some real information in the week to come.  Specifically, I'm working on consolidating all the great "Digital Scrapbooking" information I've been finding.  And I'm putting together a list of my 10 favorite baby gadget/product must-haves for a girlfriend of mine.  So if you know of a must-have that I must include, feel free to leave me a comment!


P.S.  My friend Shannon was right; Sydney is getting used to her SleepSack that I posted about.  The first night she only woke up 10 minutes earlier than normal.  Though lately normal is 5am - so hopefully that's a consolation for any of you who may have been irritated that my baby slept through the night by 6 weeks.  Last night, however, she woke up very early.  But I have hopes my 7pm-5am sleeper will return soon.  Once we cross this bridge my next task will be moving her to her own room.  Yes, I admit, I still have her in our room.  I think she will have a much easier time parting than I will.


Shannon said...

Well, I'm thrilled I was right! The big transitions go much better than we anticipate, it is the *little* things I find challenging with my three! David was in our room for months, so I understand your not wanting to rush her out. Leah was so loud we put her in her room at about 6 weeks old and she's loved it. She's a burper and farter extraordinaire :-)

Shannon said...

p.s. this is the first season I've missed AI completely - I don't even know the names. I feel like I'm living on a different planet or something!!

bkallsen said...


Don't forget Boudreaux' Butt Paste.