Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!


What's a blog on "all things mom" without a special shout out to all the Moms out there on Mother's Day!  Anyone out there?  Hellloooooooooo?  Helllooooo!  Well, my blog is so new I have a feeling this shout out will go mostly unheard.  But I'll be sure to inform my own Mother of it.  And what a special Mom she is!  As a single Mom she raised me and my 2 brothers into successful and loving adults (excuse the lack of modesty here!).  She somehow found a way to get us anything we could ever need and had a way of doing it without us having a clue how hard money was to come by.  She was so busy with work to provide for us yet she always managed to come to every game, event, etc. that we were involved in.  Basically, she was there for us - always has been, even today!  THANKS MOM!  I love you!  WE love you!

I feel very fortunate to know many incredible Moms out there.  From single Moms to stay-at-home Moms to Moms that work outside the home as assistants, corporate executives, project managers, analysts (yours truly), teachers, nurses, doctors, dance instructors, sales professionals and Airforce pilots, to name a few.  It's incredible what Moms can do and I'm fortunate to be surrounded by amazing Mothers.

I didn't realize until recently how little recognition Mothers get for doing the hardest job on Earth!  When I've worked outside the home I think I've thrived on the recognition I get via that job - whether it be through a coworker compliment, a nice review, or even a promotion!  As I'm currently a stay at home Mom I no longer get formal reviews.  It's easy to feel invisible and under-appreciated some days with spit up running down my shirt and screaming kids next to me.  After-all, a child is a lifelong project - it's not like a corporate job where I can feel good about a job well done when a project is complete.  So I am trying to feel good about the "baby steps" of success I have along the way as a Mom and it doesn't take long to get a sweet smile from my baby and a big hug combined with a "you so lucky!" from my 2 year old.  I guess that's their way of giving me positive feedback and I relish those moments.

Thanks to my husband, this Mother's Day has been very nice and I think I got the "review" I've been looking for in the form of flowers, breakfast and a card from the kids!  My own Mom was here last night and she had my son record "Happy Mother's Day" in a card, which I'll cherish forever!  What a special day!  I hope you enjoy your day too!


momofthree said...


What a wonderful Mother's Day present - your message is very endearing to me, as you are.

I was very blessed with 3 wonderful children. It is truly my pleasure and honor to be your mom.


Hammy said...

Awww...I'm a little teary after that sweet mother/daughter exchange. I wanted to give you a virtual "pat on the back;" you're a great mom! Happpy mother's day from one mother to another:)