Saturday, September 6, 2008

speaking of birthdays...

...we went to an annual birthday party for my friend's son Jake and his cousins.  Jake's grandparents put this on every year for their grandchildren.  To call it a birthday party is an understatement.  It's really the carnival of the year.  All gifts go to charity.  

I've told Samuel it's a "summer party".  I don't want to give him any ideas of what his birthday party should be.  On second thought, maybe I should have told him that the "summer party" was for his birthday!  LOL!  Borrow a party - now there is a concept!  We recently went to another friend's house and Sam asked if a pony would be there - no Samuel, we don't get pony rides at all parties!  LOL!

Happy Birthday Jake!

The big blow-up slide.  This was Sam's favorite!

The magic show
Sam happy as a clam slurping his icee & eating his popcorn during the show
1 of 3 moon-walks (& the other ones were HUGE!)
Pony rides!
The blow-up water-slide.  Also the site where a little girl fell on the ground and sprayed mud ALL OVER ME - everywhere.
A petting zoo!  Yes, that's a llama in their front yard!
A karate demonstration
Sydney with good friends M & L!

Not pictured:  A kid's band, popcorn stand, BBQ, cotton candy, dunk tank, water balloon game, and more I'm sure!!

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Anonymous said...

I like your "borrow a party" idea! Probably work for a few years for Samuel and Sydney.

Great pictures and blog on Sydney (the one right after this blog), too.