Sunday, September 21, 2008

everyone needs a magic green button

The other day I was singing when Sam blurted out, "STOP!".  I proceeded to sing when suddenly I see him point his index finger quickly in the air as if pushing something.  He then yells out, "STOP!  I pushed the green button!  STOP!"

Apparently the "green button" is the mute button for Mommy.  My boy is already muting Mom.  So sad.

But this button does more than you could ever imagine.  

I've since seen him use it to "turn you back into a human!" (I'm not sure what I was before Sam turned me back but thank God he helped me out).

I've seen him push the button to "blast off into space" (chasing after his imaginary pig friends by the way - who I've been told live on "red planet" with him).  Before Sam "blasts off" he has started saying to me, "I'm sorry I can't stay here with you Mommy.  But I have to go into space.  I'm sorry, Mommy."  I tell him I'll miss him if he leaves and he's kind enough to invite me along.

And, I've seen him turn to the button to stop things he doesn't like.  

Which got me thinking, where can I find me one of these magic green buttons?????! 


Phyllis said...

Perhaps at the Staples store, right next to the red Easy buttons??
If you find it, I want one too! ;)

Shannon said...

LOL, my boys are always trying to turn me off too - but permanently I think :-)

NADYA said...

Sam is so cute and his imagination is wonderful. I'd like to get me one of those gree buttons as well. LOL

Rebecca a.k.a. Mum said...

Hmm I could use one of them too - muting out the KIDS...putting them on pause (indefinitely hehe) the the dinner....oh the list would go on and on. ::SIGH::

What a vivid imagination Sam has, what a joy he must be to play with! :)