Thursday, September 11, 2008

it's getting crowded here

We have some visitors at home and it sure is getting crowded.  And the problem is, the only one who can see them is Sam.  Lately I'm hearing all about little pigs named Geryl, Boo Boo, Po Po and Tierko (yes, Tierko.  I have no idea where he comes up with these names).  I also hear about a big bear named Paw Paw and a little bear named Po Po (yes, we have both a bear and a pig here named Po Po - popular name I guess).  And we also have bunnies, though I'm not sure of their names yet.

Sam speaks of these animals as if they are right next to him engaging with him all day.  For instance, yesterday he broke out in a dance and when I asked what he was doing he said, "I'm dancing with the bunnies!"  I asked him who was the best dancer and he said Paw Paw the bear.  So then I said, "What about the pigs, are they dancing with you too?"  And that's when he told me pigs aren't good dancers.  Good to know.

Little piggies Geryl and Boo Boo hang out with Sam the most and have become a bit of a problem for me because apparently I'm always setting things on top of them (they are very little I'm told) or worse, I inadvertently sit on them!  Luckily Sam is pretty patient with my accidental cruelty; though he's quick to point out when I do it.

Every night before bed we now have to build a gate out of pillows to corral all of his new friends so that they stay in bed with him.  As far as I know, no animals have escaped yet so we must have been successful.

Sam assures me these are all nice friends.  Though occasionally he tells me there is a ghost here and it is not nice.  I try to rush through that conversation because it freaks me out.

In case it isn't already obvious what a crazy imagination this little guy has, I'll tell you one other funny story.  The other day I asked him not to jump on the bed.  In typical Sam fashion he responded as follows:  "Actually, I wasn't jumping on the bed.  I was a rocket and I blasted off!  And fire came out of my bum!  See!  Here I go again, BLAST OFF!"


Heidi said...

OMG, Tricia - where does he come up with this stuff? It's hilarious! Sounds like you might have a little novelist or screenwriter on your hands...

Anonymous said...

They say it's a sign of intelligence to have imaginary friends! Julie

Phyllis said...

Too funny!! Gotta love the imagination. Totally reminds me of my nephew. My nephew had his beloved Ernie (from Sesame Street) doll *jump* out the window of the car as my sister drove down the highway. Then my nephew proceeded to cry that they needed to go back to save Ernie. Luckily my bro lived nearby so my nephew called his uncle when they got home & convinced him to save Ernie.

bkallsen said...

A Dreamer! What a gift!