Thursday, August 7, 2008

there's a new sheriff in town

And his name is Samuel.

Sometimes I've wondered if our 2.5 year old Sam doesn't understand the concept of rules because he breaks them all the time.  There are certain rules he breaks so often in fact that we have to run through a list of reminders before play dates.  It goes something like this:

"Sam, we're going to play with Tyler today.  Won't that be fun!  Can you play nice with Tyler today?"


"Remind me what playing nice means.  What are some of the rules?"

Sam runs off the list:  "No hitting, no biting, no kicking, no pushing, no pinching."

"Right!"  And then I add, "And we share too, right?"

To which Sam says, "It's hard for me Mom."

"I know it is.  But you're such a good kid you can do it.  Try really hard, ok!"

Often he still breaks a rule or two even after our "pre-game pep talk" (or three or four or five broken rules on more challenging days).  But there is no denying he knows what a rule is as these days HE'S the one giving US the rules.  Here are some rules that have been turned around on us the past few days:

"Take your hat off at the dinner table Mom.

Grandpa Bruce didn't pick his bed up.  Maybe he should do that when he comes back.  (You were busted Grandpa Bruce for not picking your blankets up before you left.  LOL.)

Don't talk mean Mom.  We don't talk like that to family.  You go to time out Mom."  (for the record, I wasn't really talking mean, but I was being stern - handing out more rules I suppose) 

Yes, this new sheriff comes armed with time-outs and all.  So watch out and mind your Ps and Qs when he's around!




Heidi said...

OMG, Tricia, he is a riot! We need to have a playdate again soon!

dougnlarry said...

Too funny!

I can't believe Sydney is already 8 months! Where did the time go?