Friday, August 22, 2008

shhhh... do you hear that?

No?  Neither do I!  Yup, BOTH kids are asleep - AT. THE. SAME. TIME.  Hallelujah!  And even bigger news:  Syd put herself to sleep TWICE today.  TWICE!  She hasn't done that in months.

So that's the good news.  The bad news is that preparation for nap was quite the event.  The following occurred while Sam was supposed to be falling fast asleep to dreamland:

A boy in just his pull up (I let him be).

Later... a naked boy with swim goggles on his head (I take away the goggles, put a pull up on him, and don't bother with the clothes).

Even later... a naked boy (where'd that pull up go again??) who snuck past me while I was putting syd to bed & I later found him by our basement door curled up on the floor asleep.  WTH?  Let me tell you my heart was racing while I couldn't find him!  So I pick him up and put him back in bed naked (screw the diaper... I'll hope for a dry nap).

Then, I hear crying coming from Sydney's room.  I look in the video monitor but the camera must have fallen.  I quickly realize Sam must be behind this.  I run upstairs and find:

A naked boy curled up in Sydney's crib.  Apparently she didn't want to be cuddled.

And finally, after one more return to bed, and some rocking for Sydney, both kids are now asleep.

It's much easier going to work.  LOL.


P.S.  I'm worried about Sam's disappearing tricks.  This is the third time this week he's snuck into other rooms without me hearing him only to have me find him curled up somewhere random.  I'm going to have to put a gate on his bedroom.  The gate won't stop him, he climbs it.  But hopefully I'll be able to hear his mischief more before I find the kid outside one day!


Nemeth family said...

Awesome! Wish I could say the same!! What a stinker getting into Syd's crib. And I know all about "naked boy". Kyle spent 90% of the day yesterday in NO clothes at all. He insists on getting completely naked from the waist down to go potty and I just get tired of getting him dressed everytime LOL

Anonymous said...

Sounds as though Sam takes after his Uncle Sean - in soooo many ways. He'd also climb into your crib, because you were lonely!!


Heidi said...

Well..TK, you can always do what we did, put a lock on the door from the outside! We were having the same issues when our crib days were first over. A gate wouldn't work with Ava either because she can climb over anything. She pounded on the door the first couple times, but now it's like she just knows that's the routine and can't get out and we've all been at peace ever since - LOL.

Rebecca a.k.a. Mum said...

YAY for a self put to sleep Sydney!!

Sam is a funny little fellow, fancy traipsing around sleeping here and there.. kids I tell you! lol

You know you can get these fabulous HIGH gates from Babies R Us that he wont be able to climb over, I have it at my kitchen door, it is 3ft high! :P

Amanda said...

Ha! I TOTALLY understand how awesome it is when both kids are asleep at the same time!!!! It hardly ever happens around here, either. Some people may think I'm cruel, but sorta like Heidi said, we have one of those childproof knob covers on the inside of B's door so she can't get out. I'm just too afraid of what she'd get into if she got out in the middle of the night!

Kim said...

OMG! What a little stinker! Ha! Sounds like you've got your hands full Tricia! I can't believe he got into Sydney's crib!