Monday, January 5, 2009

reality check

While riding in the car with Sam he said, "Mommy, Siddy is my FAVORITE friend!"

It just melted my heart and literally brought a tear to my eye.  But before I shed said tear, Samuel added, 

"And you're not my favorite, Mommy."

Hmmm.... Reality check.  Eyes are suddenly dry.  But still, I'm content and happy that my little boy has a best buddy in his sister.


Char said...

Ha! Sam is a little stinker :) At least you know where you stand LOL!

Pasifik said...

Nice Sam, isn't he? ;)

Happy blogging,

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expatswede said...

Hi Tricia!
Isn't it fun when they start playing together and actually become friends? Well, my two fight too much to actually be friends, but hpefully that will change one day... LOL!

Hope you're alright and you're just taking a little break from blogging!
We all need one every now and then.

Amanda said...

Ha! So funny and so honest. Gotta appreciate that, right? I can't wait for my kids to be old enough to really be friends. Of course, then they'll be old enough to really fight, too. I guess it all comes with the territory, huh?