Tuesday, October 7, 2008

birthday greetings!


Hope it was a great day and that you are feeling better!

And Happy 10 months to baby girl Sydney!  Where did time go?!


Is an expert crawler (though she doesn't always use her knees, which is hard to explain).

Walks behind a push toy!

Has 5 teeth and 3 more peeking through!

Makes a cute yelling noise to get our attention (I'm sure this will get old fast.)

Likes to be held a lot.  Loves other babies, dolls, and tearing apart Sam's train table.

Is starting to take consistent & longer naps in her crib twice a day (finally!)

Sleeps at night in her car-seat (I'm desperate, people!)

Loves her big brother and laughs at everything he does.

Waves hello and goodbye.

LOVES "big people" food and has yet to turn down anything I've had her try (except for baby food, she doesn't like that).  She's very impatient while I prepare her food.

Greets us home from work by crawling as fast as she can toward us while giggling.

Likes her babysitter.

LOVES music and bounces up and down while clapping to the beat.

Does not like her diaper changed.

Throws herself face down on the ground thrashing her arms and legs if someone takes something from her, and by someone I mean Sam. ;)

Gives the world's best baby kisses.

Likes to climb!  On people, on furniture, on fireplaces... up an ENTIRE flight of stairs!  

Look out world!  This girl has smarts, sweetness and sass in one cute package.


Char said...

Wow 10 months - that is amazing, I have totally lost track of time. She is adorable and sounds like she has quite a fun personality already. Don't feel bad about the car seat - if it works it works, and I know with G's reflux it worked best for him the first 3 months or so - hey, if it gets you through the night...

Shannon said...

Awwww, 10 months already? How sweet - I love all the things she is doing now, I'm so impressed :-) And happy birthday to your mom, too!! Only 2 months until Syd's birthday - wow!

Nemeth family said...

Where is the time going? 10 months already?! She is such an amazing, busy girl...but I am a little sad that we don't get any adorable Sydney 10 month pictures...hint, hint. :-)